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Eagle Wood, Agarwood

Eagle Wood, Agarwood

Sanskrit name: Agaru
Botanical name Aquilaria agallocha
Habitat: It is native to Southeast Asia.





  • Rasa (taste): Pungent,bitter
  • Virya (action): Heating
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effects): Pungent
  • Dosha (Constitution): Balances kapha and vata, aggravates pitta

General information

The resin extracted from Agarwood is used in perfume and the Agarwood itself is used as an incense in many cultures. Apart from this Agarawoord has many medicinal properties and has been used by Ayurveda practitioners in the medicinal preparation. It possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is helpful in treating joint pain. It is also useful in treating skin ailments, ulcers and wounds. It acts as a stimulant and helps in regulating blood circulation in the body. It is vata pacifying in nature and is recommended in Vata diseases. Essential Oil extracted from this herb is used in Aromatherapy and rejuvenation. The bark of this tree is used for making writing material in the Assam region of India.


People with pitta dosha should avoid this herb in Summer. Avoid during pregnancy and lactation.

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