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Shilajit Extract - 500 mg. 240 Vcaps




Ancient Indian legends describe Shilajit as nectar from the Gods, offering the godly qualities of youthfulness and immortality*
Great for athletes—rejuvenates and enhances physical and mental performance*
Supports sexual stamina and libido*
The Tattva’s Difference: Supercritical extraction delivers the whole herb to your body—pure, potent, and bioavailable
Vegan and cruelty-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free
Wildcrafted from pristine regions of the Himalayan Mountains, contains over 70 minerals
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tattva’s Shilajit, unparalleled quality: Supercritical extraction delivers the whole herb to your body—pure, potent, and bioavailable. Carefully prepared in vegetarian capsules. Available in 60 and 120 count bottles. 


Ingredients per capsule:

Shilajit Moomiyo (Standardized for Fulvic Acids 15% and Humic Acid 10%) - 300 mg.
Amla (Organic Extract) - 195 mg.
Pippili - 5 mg.Other Ingredients: "K" Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose), Aerated silica, no synthetic additives.

No animal ingredients, a Cruelty Free product, suitable for vegetarians.

Serving Size: 1 vegetarian capsule

Suggested use: One capsule two times daily or as directed by your physician. It is advised to cycle Shilajit, and take a one month break every 2-3 months.

Servings Per Container: 60 or 120

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  1. great product

    Posted by Hugo

    I always take this ayurvedic herb and it is amazing , keeping me active and healthy specially the prostate gland , i have urinate frequently but now I am doing fine , thanks*

  2. Helped my prostate/urinary tract!

    Posted by L. B. from Delaware

    I take this two weeks at a time with a a one-week break between every two-week session. Some time ago, after a break, I forgot to restart for 3 months. After restarting, the reduction in sudden urges to urinate was astounding! Clearly Shilajit is making a big difference.*

  3. Your shilajit is a fantastic product.

    Posted by Keith Mason

    I like the way your shilajit makes me feel and the positive attitude is a plus. Excellent product. I recommend it to anyone wanting to add a legitimate product to there healthy regimen. *

  4. Not as promoted

    Posted by Mary

    My husband had to stop taking it. It forced him to have to lay down by late morning/early afternoon. He stopped taking it the days he worked as he was dragging in the afternoon and he is usually a pretty energetic guy. Did nothing for the testosterone. I experienced a similar lull in my day as well. Don't know if I should continue to take it. We have 3 bottles.**

  5. Helps to aleviate depression

    Posted by Charles

    After taking for only three days my depression was gone and I had a greater control over my life. More self discipline. **

  6. Less depressed and greater control over my life

    Posted by Charles

    After the third day of taking Shilajit I started to have more energy. This may be due to the fact that it contains fifth state matter or etherc energy.**

  7. I Feel Much Better

    Posted by Brad

    Tattva's has the fastest shipping in the history of shipping to start with.

    I feel much better taking this, along with tattva's Triphala and Neem. Just seems like an excellent combination for my needs**

  8. Very Effective

    Posted by Lynn

    I've noticed increased energy and stamina and happy that it includes so much nutritional value without the downside of caffeine. I've found that it's better for me to take it with food. My experience with Tattva's customer service has been exemplary.**

  9. Amazing Stuff.

    Posted by Joanna from Rockville, MD

    Between my mid to late twenties, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, fibromyalgia, major depression, multiple anxiety disorders, and a joint pain disorder. It was a lot to take in, especially since I already had mild cerebral palsy from birth. My parents had raised me on supplements and alternative medicines, and we took pharmaceutical drugs only as needed. Unfortunately, this time it was desperately needed on a permanent basis for me. I was fine with it, as I have always believed in a good balance of all medical treatments.
    Anyway, soon after the fibromyalgia diagnosis, a friend studying Ayurvedic medicine suggested that I start taking Shilajit. He said it might help ease some of my symptoms, boost my energy levels, and help me work with these illnesses. He sent me to Tattvas Herbs, which he personally used.
    I naturally knew that no supplement works the same for everybody, so I bought one bottle, which was shipped extremely quickly, so I was able to start right away. I began by taking two capsules every morning with milk (both dairy and nut), making sure to wait an hour before taking my morning pharmaceutical pills. After about one week, I started feeling a little more energy, a little less pain, a little less discomfort. My joints became a little more flexible, my migraines became easier to deal with, and even my depression and anxiety episodes became lighter. I even began having fewer seizures. I was amazed, but careful - this wasn't a panacea, but it certainly was fantastic and didn't interfere with any of my other medications.
    I finished the bottle after a month, but then I just stopped thinking about it. It has been almost three years, and since the beginning of 2013, I have started taking the Tattvas Herbs Shilajit again. The improvement is remarkably noticeable. It has definitely taken a while, but the Shilajit works extremely well to ease some of my worst symptoms during flares and episodes, it honestly does. In fact, I had been having severe episodes of fibromyalgia and depression, and I began to feel better one week after restarting the Shilajit capsules.
    I have three bottles currently, and I plan on taking one capsule every morning for as many years as I can. I really feel that Shilajit works wonderfully for me, and this brand in particular is excellent. The supplement really does what it claims, which is always lovely. Looks like I will probably be taking shilajit gladly for as long as I need.**

  10. This stuff really works!

    Posted by anonymous from New Jersey

    This stuff really works!**

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