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Neem Leaf Holistic Extract - Internal Detox ,Supports Healthy Skin 500 mg. 240 Vcaps Herbal Supplement 4 Month Supply




In India, Neem is known as “the Village Pharmacy” for its countless uses, and is the Ayurvedic herb of choice for nurturing healthy skin, hair and nails*
Nature's antibiotic. May help control the symptoms associated with Lyme disease
Used in 3rd world countries to fight Malaria and other tropical disease.
Works as a natural insect repellent*
Neem Oil and Neem Cream for topical treatments
The Tattva’s Difference: Supercritical extraction delivers the whole herb to your body—pure, potent, and bioavailable
Certified organic, non-GMO, sustainable
Vegan and cruelty-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The finest Neem supplement available in counts of 60 and 120 vcaps.


Serving Size: 1 vegetarian capsule

Suggested Use: One capsule two times daily or as directed by your physician.

Serving per Container: 60 or 120

Ingredients per capsule:

Neem (Organic Co2 Extract - 70% Liminoids) - 10 mg.
Neem (Organic PSE Extract) - 100 mg.
Neem (Organic Raw Herb) - 200 mg.
Guduchi (Organic Co2 Extract - 70:1 Ratio) - 5 mg.
Gudduchi (Organic PSE Extract - 2%) - 70 mg.
Amla (Organic Co2 Extract) - 2 mg.
Amla (Organic PSE Extract) - 69 mg.

Other Ingredients: "K" Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose), Aerated silica,

No synthetic additives. No animal ingredients. Kosher Certified. Cruelty Free product. Suitable for vegetarian.

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  1. Great product. Works for me

    Posted by Joy

    I have been taking this neem supplement for years to help my overall immune system and to combat the effects of candida in my body. It works well for me. I am very sensitive to supplements (i.e. I can't take most brands) and I have been consistently pleased with Tattva's quality and consistency. *

  2. Great quality

    Posted by Unknown

    Best product on the market from my experience. Great quality. Use it on and off for years. Definitely helps. Highly recommend Tattva’s and their products including Neem.*

  3. Neem helps with so much

    Posted by XinRuiQi

    I've used Tattva's Neem on and off for years. I've never used another brand because theirs came so highly recommended. I use it to support my immune system and safely and lightly cleanse my body, and it works! Never had any side-effects from it. I take a break occasionally, use it for a few months and take time off. **

  4. Love Neem

    Posted by R

    I use Neem on and off throughout the year and find it helps with so many things including digestion, infection, and immune system support. This is a great Neem with no strange taste or side effects. Tattva's is a reliable and great company to order from.**

  5. Very effective for itchy red dermatitis

    Posted by Kini from Nevada City, CA

    Cools Pitta and really helped reduce and then heal inflammatory itchy dermatitis (photosensitive), and improve liver/gallbladder function. Perfect for a simple effective Spring blood cleanse (with appropriate diet). No results with topical Neem oil, but this really worked.*

  6. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown

    I use Neem to treat candida because it removes candida and other bad bacteria and fungus, while keeping any good bacteria and fungus. I used it daily for 1-2 years, then stopped. Now I take it 3 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off, or 2-3 times a week.
    There's no bad taste, it's highly effective, and a great overall health support.
    In India, Neem is referred to as The Village Pharmacist.*

  7. great antimicrobial

    Posted by Keeping on from Seattle

    This NEEM is potent and I use it periodically through fall and winter seasons for prevention of illness due to colds and flu. Also I use to boost immune system to fight systemic candida (species).
    One needs to take breaks from its continuous use, but it is good to keep in one's medicine chest.**

  8. Great product

    Posted by Bob LMP from Bellingham WA

    Found this product to help clean up immune dysfunction and add strength to my bodies deficient systems. TY to Tattvas for their information and knowledge of the product , their great service and fast shipping getting my body back on track**

  9. weather related colds, sore throats, etc

    Posted by organic gardener from Minneapolis, MN

    Been on Neem for 8 months. Everyone around me has been sneezing, out of work with colds & flu. I haven't been healthier. I've been using neem oil in my garden for years to keep away different bugs, and it just occured to me that I should take it myself**

  10. Amazing Neem!

    Posted by Lyme's Disease Survivor from Seattle, WA

    I have had lyme disease since 1995, when it was hard to diagnose. After many iv antibiotics, anti-inflammatoris, pain killers, etc that western medical doctors like to prescribe (& the pharmaceutical companies as well) To make a long story short, I turned to Ayurveda, which I knew very little about. I read up on neem & bought some. I could tell the quality wasn't good as soon as I looked at, then opened the bottle. Thank God I found Tattvas Herbs. High quality, fresh, organic, trustworthy herbs. Nice packaging too! It took a couple of months, but I take 1-2 neem pills a day and it keeps ALL of my horrible symptoms away.
    I've put it to the test many times, thinking maybe I was done with lyme disease. I'm not. But i find that as I stay on it regularly, I can even forget I have this disease. I'm sticking with your company. Good quality, great products, sweet service, & very dependable. Well worth the price, although your prices for the amazing products you have are so good already. I can tell you aren't in it for the $$$, but to help people. Thank you all at Tattva's Herbs for helping me lead a normal life - without your products my life would be very ( negatively ) different. You get 10 stars!**

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