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Capomo (Maya Nut) A REAL Coffee Alternative. Caffeine,Gluten Free and Delicious.




Can't get off Coffee? Well let us help you. Take the Capomo challenge. Its better than the best coffee, and we live in Seattle.
Nature’s premier caffeine-free coffee substitute and antioxidant superfood*
Delicious hints of chocolate and warming cinnamon
Simple to prepare: Just simmer in hot water and strain; or French press, cold brew, or use a drip coffee maker
Can be enjoyed anytime, day or night
Gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and cruelty-free, dairy-free, soy-free
Organic, non-GMO, sustainable
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tattva’s Capomo, unparalleled quality



Serving Size: 10 grams

Suggested use: We recommend preparing Capomo by simmering on the stovetop for 10 to 40 minutes, according to desired strength. Longer equals stronger! You can also brew Capomo in a traditional drip coffee maker, percolator, or any way you would prepare coffee or tea.

Servings Per Container: 12


100% Pure Capomo (Maya Nut) and cinnamon
No animal ingredients, a Cruelty Free product, suitable for vegetarians.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving:

Calories 34.6
Carbohydrate 7.6 grams
Fiber 1.9 grams
Sugar .9 grams
Fat 0 grams
Protein .9 grams

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  1. Won me over

    Posted by anon

    I'm a die hard espresso drinker that's lived all over the coffee world drinking 'the hard stuff', the blacker and hotter the better. I was skeptical this was going to deliver the bitter taste I love and that satisfying punch.
    I thought a simple simmer in a pan would give me the rawest first taste and we'd go up from there. First sip I was thinking nope - too watery, next! - but then the after-notes kicked in and I quickly took another sip. Hmmmm, yes, bitter, slightly cinnamon without sickly sweet taste, interesting almost chocolate-like notes. Added a bit more heated up much hotter and the flavor definitely opened up.
    If you need to jump and jive for work this might not do the trick but it defnitely grows on you and you could always do a half/half blend with real caffeine. I like chewing on the nutty grains, it does give a more 'sustainable' energy than coffee, feels as if it is actually a nourishing beverage as part of your breakfast meal. I found adding a bit more to my brew gives me the murky darkness I like and there's also a thicker texture much closer to an espresso grind. This is good stuff, I'll keep drinking it.*

  2. the only coffee subsititute that tastes like coffee

    Posted by Calvin Moon

    I ca not drink coffee for several reasons. Caffeine was not the problen, coffee was. Tried ovaltine, cocoa and the others, they put sugar in each. Finally found Maya Bean, costs more, doesnt smell like coffee, but brewed, some cream and splends and its impossible to tell the difference.

    Youcc people with unexplained daily runs, it may be your coffee caffeine fee or not. MAYA BEAN is the answer.*

  3. Amazing Product

    Posted by Unknown

    Capomo (Maya Nut) is seriously amazing! The flavor is delicious and the nutrients make me feel so refreshed.*

  4. great coffee taste, best I've had

    Posted by NWHDeCleene

    I recommend trying this product if you're interested in a coffee substitute that has a somewhat coffee like taste (but of course not completely like it). *

  5. Capomo coffee alternative

    Posted by Louisette Pochat

    The reason that I purchase Capomo after trying so many different coffee alternative...Capomo is in a class all by itself...a powerful rich antioxidant among other things. I use faithfully every morning Twelve rivers a mushroom formula from Raw Forest foods...this formula with Capomo is a marriage made in heaven....it gives dimension to this beverage....just a little honey...and enjoy... *

  6. No more coffee for me.

    Posted by Nancy

    My new favorite hot drink is Capomo. I enjoy it with frothed milk, maple syrup, and raw cacao powder. Yummy!! **

  7. You can drink this at midnight!

    Posted by Unknown

    This is a real coffee substitute, without the jitters of caffeine. It is strong and somewhat bitter like coffee, and so has a cleansing effect on the liver, that tea does not do. It feels strongly anti-oxidant. It is good hot or at room temperature. **

  8. Better Than Coffee for Me !

    Posted by terry

    Delicious coffee alternative. Rich tasking and satisfying with after notes. I have tried other substitutes but none satisfy like this. I believe it also helps with digestion and intestinal problems as well as has been my experience. I am permanently switched over and am a fan although I do find it a tad bit expensive.
    This one is a winner.**

  9. coffee Replacement

    Posted by Tamera

    I love Capomo! My doctor tested me for food sensitivities where it was found that Coffee was high on the list. She recommended Capomo which has helped my transition to stop drinking coffee. Now I just love drinking Capomo as much as I did coffee if not more so there is no going back for me. **

  10. Floored

    Posted by David Wright

    Absolutely floored by this. I chose Tattva's Herbs alternative coffee after a bit of research because of the single ingredient. I've been drinking coffee since age six, and it has become a double edged treat over the years. It's what I look forward to the most some days, but I have had my energy zapped moments because of it, anxiety attacks, blood sugar issues, etc. Not to mention the cost of indulging at Dunkin' or Starbucks. This maya nut coffee alternative is able to brew DARK just like I like it. It is rich, bodied, and smooth, with a slight bite/acidic quality of what I'm used to, while it is actually acid free. The grounds smell and the finished cup only deviates from coffee by its SLIGHT rocky/earthy and SLIGHT fruit/nut note that I can't put my finger on. I could serve this to coffee addicted friends and they wouldn't know! This is such a great tool for those looking to steer away from stimulant induced anxiety and as part of a plan to return to more natural, stabilized energy levels. Thank you! **

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