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What makes our Turmeric Unique?


At Tattvas Herbs we are committed to providing you with the absolute best in nutritional products. From our Supercritical formulas to our certified organic products we are convinced that we offer the latest technology in combination with the wisdom of Mother Nature.

In that context we are pleased to present the world’s first and only Turmeric product that combines a supercritical (Co2) full-spectrum turmeric extract with complete bio-availability and added Turmerones and Curcuminoids. This product is called Turmeric Tri Force because there are three separate components that make up this one of a kind product.

Turmeric Tri Force combines two separate extracts (Co2 and hydro-ethanol) with raw turmeric. After the initial Co2 extract, we perform a second full-spectrum hydroethanolic extract that contains at least 11% curcuminoids and 55% Turmerones. Finally, we combine the two different extracts with the raw turmeric plant.

This breakthrough in Turmeric production is literally the only way to capture the full essence of the Turmeric plant, and the countless benefits it has to offer. The two separate extractions in combination with the whole turmeric plant produces a true full spectrum product that removes the need to be taken with fats, improves bio availability to 8-10 hours, and includes the maximum amount of phytonutrients (curcuminoids and turmerones). This is truly a one of a kind turmeric product.

How is it possible to improve on the 95% Turmeric extract or BCM-95 technology that is currently available?

The answer in its most basic form, is that we combined the two, and added in a supercritical component, allowing for the world’s only supercritical full-spectrum turmeric extract that has the enhanced bio-availability seen in the BCM-95. The primary issue with Turmeric, simply stated, is that in general it is extremely difficult to absorb in the blood stream and does not maintain sufficient blood levels for any length of time. The usual fix is to add black pepper extract to the formula, which can assist with the absorption to a certain extent, but relative to our new Tri-Force Turmeric product, the absorption rate is inadequate. This one of a kind Turmeric formula uses the powerful CO2 extraction technology in combination with a process that allows the curcumin to be assimilated into the bloodstream up to seven times faster, and can last up to eight hours.

How is it possible for Tri-Force Turmeric to remain in your system for so much longer than other Turmeric products?

Traditional 95% extract focuses strictly on one part of the Turmeric rhizome. The bioactive substance of Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) contains molecules that are collectively known as “Curcuminoids”. The bioavailability of the regular Turmeric 95% extracts are poor, in terms of uptake and sustainability in the blood stream. There are other essential components present in Turmeric Rhizome which have been neglected during the traditional method of manufacturing of Turmeric 95% Extract. Through the ground-breaking extraction process used in Tri-Force Turmeric, we are able to use the full spectrum of the Turmeric plant by adding back in the Curcuminoids, Turmerones, and other vital phytonutrients that are lost during the standard extraction process. This truly remarkable product is 100% natural and has been proven to provide maximum bio-availability for synergistic effect.

Tattva’s Herbs has reviewed various curcumin products that show different degrees of enhanced absorption. One particular published clinical study caught our attention. In it, a novel manufacturing technology was able to dramatically increase blood plasma curcumin to levels not previously seen through supplementation. While only 50-60% of pure curcumin administered to animals is typically absorbed, this new technology increased the absorption of curcumin to a remarkable 96%. The study showed that this process not only delivers more curcumin to the bloodstream sooner, but it sticks around nearly twice as long. This is an extremely important advantage, which should result in greatly enhanced health benefits.

We at Tattva’s Herbs believe that Turmeric is one of the most important healing herbs on our planet. It has been shown that you can maintain health throughout life by incorporating a healthy daily routine based on Ayurvedic principles, diet, and recommended herbal supplements.

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