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Recent discussion on Turmeric Curcumin

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Tattva's Herbs

The best Turmeric Curcumin on the market today. Full spectrum co2 extract without the use of toxins. Hexane and acetone are common toxins found in turmeric extracts today. They are labeled : 95% extract with Bioperine.…/

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Tattva's Herbs

Tattva's Herbs It's actually tragic to see this kind of cheating in the name of helping people...but....
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Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez where and how do I get it ,???
Dorinda Busath
Dorinda Busath Is it thought to preserve the extract? Is it in the powdered form?
Tattva's Herbs
Tattva's Herbs Dorinda the extract by definition is already "preserved" ...these companies use acetone and sometimes hexane to move the curcumim level from 70% or 75% to 95%..

It is completely unnecessary but they do this instead of using co2 extracts which include the lipids or fat soluble components called turmerones.
Co2 provides a full spectrum product.

95% extracts provide very little bioavailability even with pepper. Oh yes they also provide the carcinogens from these solvents.

Bottom line is that it is driven by marketing and profits. Not your health. And yes these are the powdered extracts in capsules you see in all products that say 95% extract. So it's a huge problem.

And the FDA neither tests for these solvents or cares. Why? Because they are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry.
Dorinda Busath
Dorinda Busath Thanks so much for your cAre in educating the public.
Tattva's Herbs
Tattva's Herbs I am trying. But it's a huge market. I don't like seeing these huge companies coming into the health care market. And then profiting by a lack of transparency at best. In the name of Ayurveda.

Karen Surratt
Karen Surratt Thanks for the information!
Tattva's Herbs
Tattva's Herbs You are welcome Karen Surratt !
Sonja Frady POWERFUL
Susan Matlock
Susan Matlock I am a changed person because of this herb. I employ everyone reading this to please try it.

Resi Miskarian
Resi Miskarian Thanks a lot to educate me about the herb which I use almost in everything I can. But where do I find it?
Tracy Ambrose

Tracy Ambrose Does tumeric help with lowering bad cholesterol??

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Glennie Taylor
Glennie Taylor I don't miss any good night sleeps anymore and have stopped taking tramadol
Denise Conroy Toner
Denise Conroy Toner Can it csuse tiredness? ?
Tattva's Herbs
Tattva's Herbs No it does not make you tired at all
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Commented on by Panca Tattva Das AcbspMay 3 at 7:04pm
Tattva's Herbs
Tattva's Herbs It does not control cholesterol...I would suggest guggul
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Tattva's Herbs

Tattva's Herbs resi miskarian you can buy it here
Sharon Branning
Sharon Branning Ty for this valued information
Glynda Copeland
Glynda Copeland I break the capsules and make a tea is it alright to use it this way please reply
Ricardo J. King
Ricardo J. King Important facts, thanks!
Tattva's Herbs
Tattva's Herbs Yes Turmeric can be taken in many forms. Tea is great.
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