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What to Look For When Buying Health Supplements


When it comes to buying health supplements, there are seemingly endless options to choose from. Particularly online, there are thousands of companies selling health products, which at first glance, can be hard to distinguish if you don’t know what you are looking for. Many people become frustrated, or don’t know that there is a difference from one product to another, and end up with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, supplements like anything else, tend to give you what you pay for. There are many companies that sell Turmeric for example, for very cheap ($2 / bottle?!), but as we will explain, the devil is in the details.

In this post, we will explain what makes Tattva’s Herbs products different from the competition, and what you should look for when purchasing from other companies.

We will begin by explaining how our supplements are processed at Tattva’s Herbs. All of our supplements or herbs are grown on Certified Organic farms in the mountains of Northern India. Every year EcoCert inspects the farm and re-certifies our entire farm operation as certified Organic.


Once the herbs are harvested from the ground, we have a team of Ayurvedic experts, analytic chemists and pharmacology experts who work together to begin the processing.

This is where our product begins to stand out.

The first step is a supercritical (Co2) full-spectrum extract of the herb. In short, this means that we use Co2 during extraction which has countless benefits that you can see here. This type of extraction draws parts of the plants (phytonutrients) that your body wouldn’t otherwise be able to realize the benefits of.

After the initial Co2 extract, we perform a second full-spectrum hydroethanolic extract, to extract additional critical components of the plant.

Finally, we combine the two different extracts with the raw unprocessed plant. The raw plant acts as a chemical messenger in the body, and tells your cells what to do with the extracted components. This breakthrough process provides a full spectrum product, that is free from harsh residues, extremely potent and absorb-able, and is bio available to your cells.

While this may sound very complex and scientific – it’s because it is! We do encourage you to research extraction methods and technology, and benefits of organic farming, however we also realize this is our business, not yours. Most people do not have the time to spend, so here is a quick recap of what we provide.

  • Our products are complete – 3 separate components in each product (Co2 extract, hydroethanolic extract, and raw herb) that all work together to for maximum benefit
  • Certified Organic, sustainably sourced, and harvested with respect for the Earth (we care!)
  • All products are 100% Vegetarian and cruelty free (no animals were harmed to bring you these products)
  • Our Products are Healthy – Gluten, Sugar, Soy & Dairy Free
  • Our Products are Clean – Solvent and residue free, and independently Tested for Heavy Metals, CGMP Compliant

Now that we have tooted our own horn, we want to make it clear what you should look for when purchasing supplements, even if you a company other than us.

Here are our tips and things to watch for when making a purchase.

  • Buy organic – There is no reason to put additional chemicals in your body than you are exposed to daily
  • Extract vs. Unprocessed Herbs – It is our belief that extracts are superior in potency and bio-availability. Unprocessed herbs are great if you can get them fresh, but the truth is by the time they are harvested, bottled and sold they have most likely lost a large amount of their prana. Extracts have the ability to “lock in” the prana of plants. In our research Co2 extraction is far superior and leaves no chemical residue.
  • Buy Vegetarian – Many companies encapsulate in gel caps, which is unnecessary for most products.
  • Pay attention to serving size, and mg./capsule – Many companies (we won’t mention any names) save money by serving small capsules (1-300 mg.), and than recommending large serving size (3-6 capsules). This is usually marketing and a way to make the product seem less expensive. You may have to do some math, but generally speaking you want to strive for a 4-500 mg./capsule, and a serving size of 1-2 caps.

We hope this information is useful in your future purchasing decisions. Remember, just because a product appears cheap or has a nice label doesn’t make it the best. Read the label and make sure you know what you are getting! Your body, mind & spirit will thank you for it.

Here is a link to our supplement list.

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