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Seven Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Amla


Amla (also known as Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry) is the most concentrated form of Vitamin C in the entire plant kingdom, containing up to 720 mg/100g of fresh pulp and 921 mg/100cc of pressed juice. This is approximately 20 times the vitamin C content of an orange. It is a very potent form of Vitamin C and yet is easily assimilated by the human body. The Vitamin C in the Amalaki fruit is bonded with tannins that protect it from being destroyed by heat or light. Amla promotes and maintains healthy digestion, which in turn regulates the absorption of food by increasing the fire (known as “Agni” in Ayurveda) in the stomach, without creating any excess stomach acids.

Here are 7 reasons that Amla should be incorporated into every’s regiment.

1) Amla is great for your skin and hair! Many recommend a daily drink of Amla juice and honey to keep your skin blemish free and looking healthy and glowing. It also strengthens the roots of your hair, assists with dandruff and even graying.

2) It is great for your eyes and eyesight! Amalaki helps with redness, itching, vision and so much more!

3) Amla is great for your immune system. It is a very concentrated natural form of Vitamin C, so taking it daily can help prevent colds and flu.

4) Amla is very helpful with constipation and digestion.

5) It is great for your heart, strengthens heart muscles and a potent natural antioxidant.

6) Amla helps to fight bad breath and strengthens teeth.

7) It can help promote a healthy appetite. Amla is shown to increase Agni (digestive fire), and also encourages hunger.

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