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Basic Basmati Rice – A staple of the Ayurvedic yogic diet

Rice is featured heavily in the Ayurvedic yogic diet. In India most meals are served with basmati rice, a light and aromatic long-grain variety with a cooling effect on the body . It has a balancing effect on the digestive system and soothes the nervous system. Basmati rice is good for calming an irritated gut [...]

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Triphala Guggul – Support Weight Management & Digestion

Triphala Guggul is a classic Ayurvedic formulation that we are pleased to be able to provide to you in Supercritical (Co2) form. Both are popular herbs found primarily in India, but they have been used in the United States and Europe as well, as a natural remedy for several conditions. This premier formula combines [...]

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Cilantro Chutney – Refreshing and Great for Digestion

1 bunch cilantro, washed and the hard stems cut off¼ cup lime juice¼ cup grated coconut, unsweetened1 inch piece of ginger root, finely chopped½ tsp hing (asaoefetida)1 tbs. toasted sesame seeds or a handful of roasted peanuts for Vata constitutions.Can use toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds for Pitta and Kapha types.1 tsp. raw sugar or [...]

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Summertime Recipe Tips

According to Ayurveda, as the days lengthen, we enter into a cycle dominated by the energy of the fiery pitta dosha. Pitta translates as ‘that which cooks’ and is associated with the body’s metabolic system and the energy of transformation.Ayurveda provides us with simple & effective practices for keeping the fire stoked, without letting [...]

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Guggul – “One that protects against diseases.”

Guggul or guggulu (commiphora mukul, also commiphora wightii) is derived from the gummy resinous exudate of a plant closely related to myrrh that is found in arid to semi-arid areas of Northern India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This tree has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and Ayurvedic texts dating back to 600 BC recommend [...]

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Shatavari – “Queen of Herbs”

Shatavari, also known as Asparagus racemosus is known as the “Queen of Herbs” because it promotes love and devotion. It is a cooling, calming, nourishing and purifying herb which has a special affinity with women, though it is also excellent for men.The name Shatavari comes from an Indian word meaning “a woman possessing a [...]

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An Ayurvedic View on the Balanced Mind

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression is a Western psychological diagnosis, characterized by mood swings between elation (or mania) and depression. There are an extensive amount of symptoms and manifestations relating to these diagnoses that can vary greatly, depending on the environment and varied imbalances of the individual. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are different from [...]

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Resonance Across Heaven and Earth

現在,在操作的變化和轉型天上掛的圖像,完成,而地球的容貌。Now,in the operation of changes and transformationheaven hangs the images,while the Earth completes the physical appearances.

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An Ayurvedic Perspective on Exercise

As with any health issue, Ayurveda bases its instructions on the person, and the particular doshas that dominate that individual. Exercise should be in harmony with one’s specific constitution. For instance, those with high Kapha can take on the most strenuous exercise programs, whereas people with Pitta dominating can take some intense exercise, but not [...]

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Ghee Recipe

Ghee (clarified butter), essential in any Ayurvedic KitchenGhee is one of the lightest oils, very flavorful and ideal for cooking, as it doesn’t burn easily. In Ayurveda ghee is recognized as a digestive, improving absorption and assimilation of the foods you are cooking. Ghee nourishes and lubricates, helping to keep the body flexible. It helps [...]

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