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Neem Oil - Non GMO Nourishes itchy, dry, irritated skin, Promotes healthy skin - Cold Pressed Unrefined



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Nourishes itchy, dry, irritated skin
Promotes healthy skin
Can be used to soothe dry scalp
Maintains the shine, bounce and strength of hair
Gentle alternative to tea tree oil, but with similar therapeutic benefits
Effective in cooling excess heat or pitta
Lubricates and soothes skin
Cold Pressed
Can be mixed with shampoos, lotions and other beauty products
Dairy, Gluten, Wheat & Soy Free
Made from Non GMO Neem
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Indications: This is absolutely the purest and highest quality of Organic Neem Oil, made from cold pressed, double filtered fixed oil of Neem seeds. It is used to promote and maintain healthy skin. Traditionally, Neem is used to promote and maintain healthy skin and is a natural tonic for many skin-related conditions. There are many other uses for neem oil as well. In many places it is used in the garden as a bug repellant. For external use only. 

Pure Neem Seed Oil.

The finest Neem (Azadirachta indica) seeds are mechanically cold pressed (at a temperature below 45 0 C).

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  1. No progress for eyelashes

    Posted by Unknown

    I read this oil was going to work for eyelash growth and prevent them from falling. It has not worked for me. Other customers said it did work for them and saw results of eyelashes grow in 3-4 weeks. For me, it has been more than one month and my eyelashes are the same. The oil is not causing them to fall off, but does not seem to improve them.*

  2. Mix w/shampoo

    Posted by Unknown

    During the winter my hair is very dry. Mixing a small amount of neem oil with shampoo really helps put moisture back in my hair. Love it...yes it kinda smells but not bad. *

  3. Holy Cow - This stuff was miraculous for my hair

    Posted by

    I bought this a while back, but as soon as I smelled it, I sort of put it on the shelf because it has a very strange odor to it - at least to ME, because my boyfriend didn't think it smelled weird at all, which kind of amazed me. But the other day, for some reason, I got it out and put just a tiny amount in my hand and distributed it throughout my hair, (after I had shampooed it), and I COULD NOT BELIEVE the SHINE it put on my hair. I have very fine and thin hair that is also sort of dry, but I could not use a lot of it lest it become very oily, but I just put a very small amount on my hands and distributed it throughout my wet hair. It looked shiner right away, even when wet, but after it dried, there was a HUGE difference in the amount of shine on my hair, not to mention, it just made my hair feel so soft and conditioned. If you can endure the odor, this stuff is the absolute best!! The odor does STAY in your hair for a while too. I suspect that if you have thicker hair it would work even better! 4 Stars only because of the odor, but Tattva's can't help that - It just is what it is.**

  4. Impressive

    Posted by Marge

    I tried to order a different Neem oil but was denied. I thought I would give you a try for my psoriasis. I am not disappointed. It worked much better for me than the other Neem oil I used. I would recommend it. I mix it in my shampoo and also apply a dab on the affected area on my scalp.**

  5. Amazing pain relief

    Posted by Ginny from Ottawa Canada

    Used as pain relief for joints and back, long lasting. Used as external liniment, 1 or 2 drops rubbed in.**

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