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The Hazards of Microwaves

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It is unfortunate that there is not much recent research on the topic, past research, and intuition itself tells us that microwaving may just be the worst thing we can do to our food.

Microwaving implies radiation. In employing such a method of “cooking” (if you can call it that!) the molecular integrity of our food is completely destroyed and rearranged, in a manner that is far more severe and detrimental than any traditional approach to food preparation. We have already seen from past studies that nutrients are not only destroyed, but are essentially transformed into damaging, disease-causing molecules. In terms of energy, the subtle qi that is inherent in our source of nourishment is entirely diminished. For an astounding visual representation of the effect of microwaving on molecular structure, see Masaru Emoto’s book ‘The Miracle of Water.’ Really, the simple fact alone that this form of radiation is effective in heating food precisely because of its ability to rearrange molecules should cause alarms to go off. This unchecked denaturing of our food is entirely counter-intuitive, and for good reason!

Furthermore, cooking over a flame, or other traditional food preparation methods not only work to enhance the digestibility of food and the assimilation of nutrients, but also strengthen the connection with our food. Microwaving, however, is yet another reckless attempt to encourage us to have minimal contact with what we are putting into our bodies.

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