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Living in the cloud that is Seattle, turned me into a Sun Worshipper indeed, along with all the plant inhabitants of 6 National Forests including Olympic National Park, 3 State Forests and an assembly of smaller parks blanketing the Evergreen State. The Capomo Tree, Brosimum Alicastrum, the tallest tree in their Southern forests, shares our adoration, reaching arms to sunlight and converting it into carbohydrates and oxygen, while drawing in carbon dioxide as it's own breath. 

Though Capomo trees adapt to a multitude of climates and conditions, the Maya Nut Institute has had greatest success planting in full sun and controlling for weeds, with fruiting occurring as early as 4 years. The Capomo tree can grow as old as 100 years, providing as much as 800 pounds of food a year for forest creatures and enterprising humans. After harvesting, Maya Nut Workers lay Capomo out on roof tops to dry in the Sun, further utilizing this gracious energy supply.

For today's brewing technique, we harness this lavish solar energy to prepare Capomo, Sun Tea Style. I suggest 2 to 3 heaping teaspoons of grounds per cup of water, according to desired strength and taste. Set in the direct sunshine for a few hours and strain. Simple and free. As with garden grown veggies, cyclically taking living sunlight into their leaves, versus plants straining under artificial light indoors, Sun Capomo yields aromatic complexity with unique layers of intriguing flavor. Gratefully accepting the gift of sunlight energy, we keep our stove tops cool and energy bill low during the summer brewing months.

Olympic National Forest photo by Jonathan Barber.

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