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The Maya Nut Institute and their re-forestation partners have planted two million Capomo trees in Latin American Forests, including parts of the Amazon Rain Forest, largely since 2012. 

According to the Maya Nut Institute, the recent motivation to plant the Capomo (Brosimum Alicastrum) trees is the Cow farmers' need for leaves as food (fodder), for their Cows, due to failing grass production.

Capomo leaves increase the Cow's milk supply by 1 to 2 liters, per day, compared to Cows fed on pasture grass. (Korn, Capomo: Good cheer from the gods)

Ironically, the primary contributor to the culling of these ancient American forests, is the creation of pasture land for Cows and, their subsequent culling. Now the lands' native trees, whose fruits supply a complete vegetable protein, return to perfectly nourish and support Cows for whom this area has become home.

Someone in say, Costa Rica, could live forever on Cow's Milk and Capomo.  

Photos: Sacred Cows in Vrndavan; by Panca Tattva and Sukti

Korn, L. (2011). Capomo: Good cheer from the gods. Retrieved from

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