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Sometimes the small things carry us through the big things, like our momental coffee-time that brings energy and cheer to a full day of hard work. Giving up this small pleasure during pregnancy can be a big disruption, but when little ones come to town, we must confess, “see you later, Old Friend.” Now, I have as complex a relationship with coffee as the next gal; love the cascading gestalt of flavor and aroma, hate the dependency. I love the stimulating pause for reflection, hate the extreme energy swings. I find the headaches that only a well-timed cuppa can cure quite inconvenient, but somehow always worth its tasty charm. So I would be the last person to suggest anybody say “good-bye” to their faithful friend. However, when we must, we must, and let it be a reassurance that we need not loose the hard-earned ritual we give to ourselves in this hectic life, but instead replace caffeinated coffee with nutrient-rich, naturally caffeine-free Capomo (Maya Nut).

Whether your cup of joe is a cold, creamy latte in the morning or a steamy black espresso shot after lunch, Capomo can ease into your unique ceremony without a hiccup of complaint from your tastebuds or your body. The Capomo seed (Brosimum Alicastrum) decoction and milky latex, has been traditionally used by Meso-American and neighboring island cultures as a galactogogue - a plant tonic to stimulate, sustain, and nutrify breast milk. In fact, another tree in the same genus, Brosimum Galactodendron, is actually called “Milk tree” or “Cow tree” because the trunks give out enough milk to drink! Several preparations from these tree siblings generously offer their milk-stimulating benefit to both Mamma and Baby, including the traditional decoction, preparing Capomo as a drink like coffee. As you would imagine, the pure plant milk acts as a galactogogue as well, but we would need to travel to the jungle to drink it!

If you decide not to breast feed, you and your developing child still benefit from Capomo’s generosity, for equal amounts of calcium and magnesium help build strong bones and teeth. Capomo boasts a rich amino acid profile providing all 9 essential amino acids, plus 10 more, including L-lysine and L-tryptophan. As much as 15% of the roasted nuts or the dried flour (used in baking) comprise this hearty protein content. A myriad of micro-nutrients work hard to prepare your body for the Labor ahead including iron, folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin A, zinc, and a heaping serving of potassium. This full array of macro and micro nutrients also help ease irritating withdrawal symptoms, so you can drop the caffeine, keep your ritual, and assist your body in the job she now anticipates.

Many blessings to the Mammas and the Babies, from Tattva’s Herbs and Capomo Maya Nut!

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